Real Madrid Having Rough Road This Season

Real Madrid is having heavy turbulence. Santiago Solari could not fulfill the club target after replacing Julen Lopetegui. Although Madrid under Solari performance was better, He still could not bring Real Madrid to shine bright enough in Copa Del Rey, La Liga, and Champion League. By that result, the Real Madrid President, Florentino Perez decided to invite Zinedine Zidane coming back. Taking into account that he was more experienced, and had brought three successive Champions League trophies.

Low salary and conflicted with player

This dramatic comeback is actually not that sumptuous. Zinedine Zidane was paid twelve million euro per year. It was still below Atletico Madrid’s coach, Diego Simone, whose salary is twenty-four million per year. Even, Jose Mourinho was getting twenty million euro per year when managing Manchester United. bandar judi bola online

But it’s still considered an enhancement for Zidane because his previous salary was only seven point five million euro.

The Zinedine Zidane come back might be disliked by some players. Some former Real Madrid Player like Pepe and Dani Ceballos openly admit that they have a bad relationship with their manager. Pepe didn’t say goodbye to his coach when he’s leaving Real Madrid, and he deplored why he had been abandoned by the coach. Dani Ceballos who is now playing in Arsenal as loan also confessed that he was annoyed that he didn’t get much attention and appreciation from the coach. Even, he had to use a personal trainer to keep himself in a fit condition. He also feels that his contribution, including two goals In contra-Vitoria match, was not getting a deserved appreciation.

Even, a mainstay striker Gareth Bale also rumored to have a bad relationship with Zidane. In some photos, they seem to be having tensional clashes with heavy arguments. Although Bale had contributed for six seasons with 102 goals and 64 assists and 9 trophies, Zidane doesn’t put much trust in him. Beside Zidane had to bring in other strikers like Eden Hazard and Luka Jovic, the coach also forced him to stay in bench for the last match in the 2018-2019 season. Although he was rumored to leave, his agent persisted that Gareth Bale still wants to play for Los Blancos.

Staggered without Ronaldo

Los Blancos is losing its fangs. Without Ronaldo, Real Madrid is having a hard time to finish the ball into the goal. Real Madrid has a dependency for Christiano Ronaldo as he’s the only one player who could reliably deliver the ball into the defense box and execute into the goal net. Other players like Eden Hazard, Gareth Bale, Luka Jovic, and Karim Benzema are not consistent with their performance. So far, the current squad lacks sharp striker like Christiano Ronaldo who transferred into Juventus.

Realizing the team deficiency, Zizou wants to bring in Paul Pogba. He even promised personally that he would bring him in from Manchester United. But unfortunately, Manchester United priced him as high as one hundred fifty million euro, which Real Madrid could not afford. As an alternative, Real Madrid is aiming for Dony Van De Beek. Real Madrid wants to bring him in with the price of fifty million euro. But Ajax is asking the price for sixty-five million euro. Real Madrid could only afford fifty million euro at max. The latest statement from Dony Van De Beek conveys that he wants to stay in Ajax.

Will Neymar play for Los Blancos?

Another possible substitute for Cristiano Ronaldo is Neymar. This sharp Brazilian player is considered to be capable of filling the striker position that left by Ronaldo. Initially, Paris Saint Germain rejected the real Madrid offer by trading Neymar for one hundred and twenty million euro plus three real Madrid players. These three real Madrid players are James Rodriguez, Isco, and Keylor Navas. But these outright rejection was softened that Paris Saint Germain was open for negotiation.

Even So, many analysts still doubting the deal. It’s dilemmatic, on one side Real Madrid needs a substitute for Ronaldo, but Real Madrid also still needs young players like Varane and Vinicius that would be beneficial pillars for the future.

Real Madrid is Still Competitive

Marcelo stated that despite everything, Real Madrid is still a competitive and strong team. The left-back believes even with the current composition, Real Madrid still could fight. He said that indeed it’s difficult, but it still could be accomplished by focus and hard work, Real Madrid could thrive in La Liga, Champion League, and Copa Del Rey.

Real Madrid is still standing at the first place of La Liga Standings, after defeating Celta Vigo. Since the beginning of the match, Bale and Vinicius duet was troublesome for Celta Vigo. In the minute 12’ Karim Benzema successfully converting Gareth Bale pass into a goal. Luka Modric got a red card, and Real Madrid had to play with only ten players. But Real Madrid still could score two more goals by Toni Kroos and Vazquez. It was not a bad start, it only one step of the long struggle in La Liga.

Top 3 Highest-Paid Football Players in the World

If you ever wonder about the highest-paid football players in the world, you should look no more because we have just the list for you. Football is probably one of the most popular sports in the world. This game sport has millions of fans just cheering on their favorite teams on football matches. There are even lots of football tournaments in the world that football teams are able to compete in. It is just such a sport that is very exciting to watch, especially when your favorite team succeeded to score a goal. You just get this kind of rush that you would not be able to get anywhere else in the world.

Being the popular game sport that it is, football players have also become quite popular. Some football players even more than others. Every football fan probably has a favorite football player. Football players are loved because of how skillful they are with a ball. Aside from having a lot of fans, skillful football players are also usually paid a little more than their fellow football players. Some are even paid so much that they make it to Forbes’s list of the top 100 highest-paid athletes. Well, in this article, we are going to tell you the top 3 highest-paid football players in the world. Go see if your favorite football player makes it on our list.

Lionel Messi

Who does not know Lionel Messi? Messi is probably one of the most popular football players in the world. He is a football player from Argentina that is a playing staff in FC Barcelona as well as in the Argentina national football team. He usually plays as a forward. Messi has entertained the world with his football skills and ability to score beautiful goals. Not only is he the highest-paid football player in the world, but he is also the second-highest paid athlete in the world. Let’s see how much he makes.

Messi earns $111 million of salary and takes home about $84 million in winnings. Aside from that, he also earns around $27 million from endorsements. He signed a contract with FC Barcelona after the club agreed to pay for his medical treatments for a growth impairment condition. Ever since then, he has helped FC Barcelona won a lot of championships. And because he often led FC Barcelona to winnings, he definitely earned a lot of money too. In 2017, he extended his contract with FC Barcelona until 2021. In that contract, the annual salary is promised aside from at least $80 million of bonus. Besides that, Messi also has a lifetime endorsement deal with Adidas. He also endorses for Pepsi, Gatorade, and Huawei.

Cristiano Ronaldo

This one is also a very popular football player. He is even considered to be Messi’s rival when it comes to anything really. For now, Forbes has listed Ronaldo as the second-highest-paid football player in 2018. The gap between Ronaldo’s and Messi’s earnings is not quite that high. If Messi managed to earn $111 million in 2018, Ronaldo managed to earn $108 million. Ronaldo earned $61 million from the winnings and salary that he got from playing in Real Madrid. Aside from that, he also earned $47 million from endorsements. He has a contract with Nike that is valued at around $1 billion. He is also in contract with other companies such as EA Sports, Herbalife, and American Tourister.

Cristiano Ronaldo is a striker from Portugal that has played with Manchester United, Real Madrid, and has now moved to Juventus. He is one of the most popular football players because of how skillful he is when it comes to scoring goals. The transfer fee that Juventus agreed to pay for him even reached $140 million. Ever since he started his career, Ronaldo has earned a lot of achievements and titles that are quite valued in the world of football.

Neymar da Silva Santos Júnior

The last football player in our list of highest-paid football players is Neymar. Neymar is listed as the third-highest-paid football player. He makes around $73 million when it comes to salary and winnings. He also earns a little bit more from endorsements, around $17 million. The endorsement deals he has is with Nike, McDonald’s, and Red Bull. He also has custom Air Jordan sneakers that were made by the Swoosh for him. He was actually the first football player to have that.

Neymar is a football player from Brazil. Aside from playing for the Brazil national football team, he also has a contract with Paris Saint-Germain. Neymar usually plays as a forward in the playing staff of his football team.

Final Thoughts

Football is a very popular sport. Football players are also popular athletes. Aside from their popularity, they also earn a lot of money from their careers. Some even earn way more than their fellow football players and athletes. You can see that from our list of the top 3 highest-paid football players in the world. situs resmi agen sbobet